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How Vagueness Surges in Night?

How Vagueness Surges in Night?
 -By Gourav Sharma & Jaydeep Findoria, Parul University, Vadodara

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood, now is the time to understand more about nature, humans, positive energy and most importantly hope of going back to normal, so that we fear less. But a sudden striking of corona second wave has misinterpreted the mere potentialities of all the beings to be normalized. A reasonable person with rational thinking cannot see any field and aspect which has been kept untouched by this exigent wave of the deadly virus. And here comes the role of governance in the picture. The question which pops up is whether these night curfews in big cities are being effective or they are turning into intolerable atrocities of government because the results are null. No noteworthy downfall in the frequencies of covid cases is seen which gives the apt answer to the question asked. Instead, it bounced back and gave negative reflections to those sections of the economy where people struggle a lot to earn a living. These sections are the small businessmen, night vendors, street food sellers etc whose livelihoods are rooted in nights and very much dependent on general public. The question also arises that is the government playing tactics or it is actually aiming towards dooming corona virus. Let us peek into the hypocrisy of the state where in day time, actors can act, cricketers can play, state can conduct elections as well as politicians can have huge rallies with thousands of people but vendors cannot work at night. The connotation made urges the outright senselessness and hence we are in the need to change our public policies and way of administration because cases are increasing at an increasing rate in day and declining at a decreasing rate in night.

Key Deets:-

Our Prime Minister has rightly said that name of night curfew should be changed to corona curfew so that people can remember that they are living in the era of corona and they may be aware of it. The silence which has been spreading on these empty roads doesn’t speak the story of awareness rather it depicts the trampling of the economic destruction which came a year ago during the time of lockdown. The administration can show his powers by shuttering down the shops nearby but on the basis of its power controlling the pandemic but any idea doesn’t seems up to the point and as a result people are only getting anxious. However, Prime Minister said that curfew is helpful in spreading the awareness against virus but, in contrast, his own Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan stated that to stop covid night curfews and weekend lockdowns are not effective. This time we are not heading towards total lockdown but in many districts of India, evening lockdowns are imposed through curfew. But when government forgets its work to improve the situation of the health infrastructure of the country, then what type of curfews should be served to make them aware about the current dreadful situation. What are the results of the promises which were made last year to improve the health infrastructure of the country? Why doctors and other health workers were marching and protesting for six months for not getting salaries and the extra amount which was promised by the government? And if the self forgetting government wants to remind us that too by the night curfew, then it is an irony at par.

Night curfew’s meaning is turning into unemployment where we could not discipline the rules of the fight against corona neither the government nor the people. Night curfew not only reminds the corona but also reminds us the devastation that took place a year ago. Last year’s lockdown and this year’s night curfew have brought the catering industry to the brink of ruin. No one is worried about what will happen to millions of people associated with this industry. Is picture of the serious patients admitted into the hospital is not enough to remind us about the compassion? If the night curfews are there to remind the public that they are living in the period of corona then what about those livelihoods which run only during the night. Does government have any plans for them?

The countries which are being compared to impose lockdowns and night curfews, we should also have a look on the other hand that what they have done for their people. Countries like United States of America, Canada etc. have given sufficient amount of money directly to the employed and unemployed population of the country as they are not being able to continue their livelihood properly. At this time, the public is suffering from both the sides, at one side the terrible disease, and overflowing financial crisis on the other side. In nutshell, the night curfews don’t seem to be fruitful so far because we can witness the unwanted results.

Clinching Remarks:-

Inspite of clear visibility of the ineffectiveness and inefficiency of the government steps no dynamic tactics are designed to tackle the restless problems. Moreover, the extension to such night curfews is added in metropolitan cities till few more months and we never know about re-extension. The option of total lockdown is also not appropriate due to the worrying condition of our economy and as rightly said that history repeats itself, let’s not have that abortive lockdown which we had last year and which cost us drain of more than $4.5 billion. Instead let history ring with true lessons and our government opt for more rational, reasonable and eminent steps based on scientific temperament. A big question is arising in our mind that whether the scientists of our India have got any legit reasoning to upheld and proves that this corona virus spreads only at night.

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