Ms. Foram Patel (Interview)

Ms. Foram Patel (Interview)

Interview taken by
Tatsat Bhatt, Student of L J School of Law

Ms. Foram Patel, Asst. Professor of Law, L J School of Law, Ahmedabad & Faculty Coordinator Legal Aid Cell

1. Madam, Tell me about your students\' initiatives in legal aid and awareness.

At L.J. SCHOOL OF LAW, the students with the support of the faculties have been working for a legal aid initiative of Law on wheels. The students along with some advocates visit villages and discuss the problems they face and provide legal remedies for free. They are keen in taking Legal Aid and awareness to higher levels with doing research over more and more topics to discuss. Couple of students from the college have also filled a PIL in Gujarat HC for the better houses of the some displaced people. All these activities were initiated by our late Director Senior Advocate Shri Girish Patel Sir which we at LJ family try to take it further. 

2. What changes do you feel are required in today\'s legal field for more societal awareness?

Law is a vast subject of which sometimes even lawyers might be unaware. In order to make this improve, more workshops and seminars must be conducted with the help of Judges of HC and SC with Senior Advocates. It will make the society aware of Laws for their betterment.

3. How do you think does the PIL help in providing justice to society at large?

PIL is a very useful tool for those people who want to make changes in the society. It makes the court aware of the problems faced by society at large and makes it work for the people and not just a bunch of people.

4. What advise would you like to give to future advocates/professors with regards to legal aid awareness?

My advise to the students who will become advocates in future is that they must also work for the Legal Aid cell at the HC or SC. It boosts up the variety of cases so they can learn as well as fight the cases for those who cannot afford high fees. Moreover, doing something good along will help them being responsible towards the society. 

5. Madam, any message to ProBono India?

Good work is being carried out. We, being a part of this noble profession, should also help such initiative so that the society can also be benefited.