Interview with Dr. Vandana Singh, Assistant Professor (Law) & ADR Faculty, USLLS, GGSIPU, New Delhi

Interview with Dr. Vandana Singh, Assistant Professor (Law) & ADR Faculty, USLLS, GGSIPU, New Delhi

1.Tell me about yourself.
I am Dr. Vandana Singh working as an Assistant Professor of Law, ADR faculty and former Legal Aid Faculty Coordinator at University University School of Law and Legal Studies, GGSIPU, New Delhi

2. What is the importance of study of SocioLegal issues in legal field?
People belonging to different walks of life in society must feel safe. It is significant to study the socio-legal issues to understand the changes that are prevailing in the society with time. This reflects that it helps in understanding the essence behind the enactment of a law and its response by its people. I feel by studying socio-legal issues in the legal field would be beneficial in wiping out the difficulties that society came across and helps in regulating human conduct.

3. Tell me about your initiatives in legal aid & awareness field as a law student and now as professor/advocate/chairman,president of ngo etc.
During my law school days, I have voluntarily participated in activities concerning Legal Aid and Social Awareness. This has inspired me to work further on legal aspects and making secure my students become responsible citizens. 

4. Tell me your students’/team’s/associate’s etc. initiatives in legal aid, awareness, socio-legal issues.
The focus has been made on many programs which have inspired my students to work together:
a) Organizing Awareness Camps concerning essential documents of Indian citizens, government policies for the welfare of women and children, helping underprivileged people. 
b) Indulging our students in Legal Aid Camps and workshops where people are taught about their rights, responsibility toward their nation
c) Participating in programs concerning educating poor people, maintaining cleanliness and safeguarding the life of a girl child.

5. What is the role of higher judiciary in legal aid & awareness in India?
It fights against social evils and creates awareness among its people. It makes sure that citizen plays a vital role in serving and protecting the motherland. Higher Judiciary enhances the practice of transparency and makes efforts for ensuring equality before the law.

6. What is the role of Government in legal aid & awareness in India?
Well ! the government has done a great job by focusing on the necessity to provide free legal aid and making people aware of their fundamental rights and duties. The real heroes are the government officials which take the responsibility on their shoulders and implement the laws effectively which are formulated by the Judiciary.

7. What are your views on present situation of legal aid and awareness initiatives in India?
According to me the present situation concerning legal aid as well as legal awareness needs more support. Despite government efforts, there is a need for proper implementation of the law.  It is the responsibility therefore it should be taken seriously to serve mankind.

8.What are your views on effectiveness of Legal Service Authority Act,1987?
Free legal aid is one of the most prominent efforts which has been introduced under Indian parameters. The law focuses on providing free legal services to the people belonging to weaker sections. It aims at promoting the delivery of justice and valuing human life. Lok Adalats plays a remarkable role in securing the practice of social justice.

9. What are your views on present situation of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in India?
PIL encourages the individual to focus on the nation’s interest and encourages the practice of humanity. It is a great tool through which reality check is done. The current situation reflects on the significance of the protection of fundamental rights.

10. What advise you would like to give to the future Advocates/Professors/Scholars with regard to socio-legal issues, legal aid and awareness initiatives?
My advice is every effort matters! Get yourself involve in fieldwork and understand the reasons set behind the challenges which the people are facing at present. According to me we should work hard and focus on public interest. There is a need to focus on the quality of research and practice of equality.

11. Message to ProBono India
It is a good initiative done to make people aware of their rights and duties being an Indian citizen. It is a great platform to secure more lives with dignity and safety. Well done!