Prof. Pradip Kumar Kashyap (Interview)

Prof. Pradip Kumar Kashyap (Interview)

Interview by 

Ashwariya Aggarwal B (Intern)


Prof. Pradip Kumar Kashyap
HOD, CCS University, Merrut
Modern College of Law, Ghaziabad
Uttar Pradesh, Merrut.

About Interviewee

Pradip Kumar Kashyap completed LL.B. from Chaudhary Charansingh University & LL.M. from Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law Patiala, Punjab. Right now he is working as acting HOD in Modern College of Law, Mohan Nagar,Ghaziabad. Modern college of Law, Affiliated to CCSU Meerut was set up under the aegis of Ganesh Shiksha Samiti (a registered no profit body) is a premier professional educational institution. MCL has dedicated itself to search out talented young men and women of substance and shape their abilities to take on the challenge ahead of them at a Global level. The college has the three years LL.B. course

Ashwariya Aggarwal. B :- Importance of study of SocioLegal issues in legal field.
Pradip Kumar Kashyap :- Socio Legal issues are such issue which are related to our society & it’s very important for legal field if we talk about the our legislation there are so many provision which is related to social welfare for example in Company Act 2013 a special provision for corporate social responsibility has been added. If we talked about our constitution which is known as mother legislation is also deals about many social legal issues in part IV i: e Directive principal of state. If we want to make India as crimeless country first of all we should work on socio legal issue and after that we should remove all the problems from our society. Social legal issue is an important factor of crime & we can remove crime by study of socio legal issue.

Ashwariya Aggarwal. B :- Your initiatives in legal aid & awareness field as a law student and now as professor.
Pradip Kumar Kashyap: At that time when I was a student I have always participated in Legal Aid Cell & Legal aid camp which was organized by our college & try to solve the problems of villagers. Our college has legal aid cell & as a faculty I have solved some cases of students & their friends. 

Ashwariya Aggarwal. B :- Your students’ /team’s/associates’ etc. initiatives in legal aid, awareness, socio-legal issues.
Pradip Kumar Kashyap :- Our students have always participated in legal aid camp which is organized in any village where persons are not aware regarding their right. They also participated in other activity which are related to legal awareness. Before some time our students have been participated in programme of clean India, Beti Padhao Beti Bacaho etc,

Ashwariya Aggarwal B :- Role of higher judiciary in legal aid & awareness in India.
Pradip Kumar Kashyap :- Our Judiciary system has always Strengthening Lok-Adalat, free legal aid and other programs due to which the laymen people who are not aware about their rights become aware, there are so many cases in which Supreme court decided that free legal aid is a right of every person such as HussainaraKhatoon, Khatri v. State of Bihar, Suk Das v. Union Territory of Arunachal Pradesh etc. Legal aid is not a charity or bounty, but is an obligation of the state and right of the citizens. The prime object of the state should be equal justice for all‖. Thus, legal aid strives to ensure that the constitutional pledge is fulfilled in its letter and spirit and equal justice is made available to the downtrodden and weaker sections of the society. But in spite of the fact that free legal aid has been held to be necessary adjunct of the rule of law.

Ashwariya Aggarwal B :- Role of Government in legal aid & awareness in India
Pradip Kumar Kashyap :- Provision of Free Legal Aid has been provided under the Indian Constitution in the IV Part government has been able to implement it successfully in few places. Lok Adalats are held from time to time, and this is the only success which can be attributed to the government in implementing The Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987.

Ashwariya Aggarwal. B :- Your views on present situation of legal aid and awareness initiatives in India?
Pradip Kumar Kashyap :- According to my view on present situation of legal aid and awareness it is not satisfactory. Although our government has made so many provision regarding legal aid but only provision is not important to remove all the abstruse. There should be an active implementation of all the provision. Right know the condition of India is not better in the contact of law and order. People are not aware about their rightsdue to lack of awareness they always suffered.

Ashwariya Aggarwal. B :- Your views on effectiveness of Legal Service Authority Act, 1987
Pradip Kumar Kashyap :- Although in Legal Service Authority Act, 1987 there are many provision which are related to legal aid such as sec-19, 20, and 21.But only provision is not essential there must be implementation of such provision.In a developing country like India where a majority of the population is unable to protect its interests, it is the duty of the State to enable the poor to secure their legal rights.The Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 provided the statutory support in this direction. It also sought to provide a uniform pattern to these legal services all over India.

AshwariyaAggarwal B :- Your views on present situation of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in India
Pradip Kumar Kashyap: PIL has played an active role in some context for example in the area of environment it play an active rolebut many of the PIL activists in the country have found the PIL as a handy tool of harassment since frivolous cases could be filed without investment of heavy court fees as required in private civil litigation and deals could then be negotiated with the victims of stay orders obtained in the so-called PILs.

Ashwariya Aggarwal. B :- What advice you would like to give to the future Advocates with regards to legal aid clinic?
Pradip Kumar Kashyap:- According to my view we should focus on quality instead of quantity. In present there are so many advocates in the court premises right now a huge gap has been become between advocates. There are two class of advocates one who has knowledge and other class are those class who has not any knowledge they have only decree of Law. According to me knowledge is more important than decree. If you have no knowledge then how can you justified him/herself in front of Judge & if you have not such capacity then you cannot make aware to your client. First of all we have some sound knowledge regarding our subjects then we can do something towards our client, judges, society etc.

Ashwariya Aggarwal. B :- Message to ProBono India
Pradip Kumar Kashyap :- Best of Luck you all are doing very nice work

Date : - 26.03.2017
Place : - Ghaziabad