Mr. Visharad Shukla (Interview)

Mr. Visharad Shukla (Interview)

Interviewer :-

Amol Shetty (Intern)

About Interviewee :- 

Mr. Visharad Shukla
Assistant Professor  UWSL, Company Secretary, LL.B, M.Com, B.Com.
He is a faculty convener Legal Aid Committee UWSL, he is a practising CS and Professor at Uwsl. Under his guidance and leadership the legal aid committee has performed various skits, streetplay and organized many social awareness programs in Gandhinagar area.

Amol Shetty: Sir, Tell me about your initiatives in legal aid & awareness field as a Faculty Convener of legal aid committee UWSL.
Mr. Visharad Shukla: Under the roof of legal service clinic, we have initiated the following programmes:
1. Awareness of necessary documents for Indian citizen.
2. Awareness of Government help for widow, handicap and other needy person.
3. Awareness of “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”
4. Awareness of cashless movement of Indian govt.

Amol Shetty Sir, What are your views on effectiveness of a Legal Aid Committee and Legal Aid Clinic in any Law School.
Mr. Visharad Shukla: The role of legal aid committee is very vital and important, the committee helps and spread awareness and helps the needy one by giving them advices, making documentations and assist till the end process. Thus it is very helpful hand for the college and their role is too important.

Amol Shetty : What according to you is the present situation of legal aid in India?
Mr. Visharad Shukla: NALSA is reinventing itself and is doing a great job. Our students also got a chance to appear in a video which was shooted in Gujarat high Court recently for a lok adalat telecast.  Coming to the answer, it is very disturbing that most Indians even today don’t have access to justice. People are scared of going to courts or dealing with lawyers. This issue needs to be resolved and it can only be done by making people aware of their rights., I am really happy to announce that the Legal Aid Committee at Uwsl has paralegal volunteers as well as DSLA members who provide help to various people

Amol Shetty :- What are your future goals as a convener of legal aid committee?
Mr. Visharad Shukla: As a head of such a committee I have many goals and targets which i want to be achieved within few years which will be possible with the help of students few of the goals are:
1) To spread awareness of POSCO act in villages
2) To make maximum villages cashless
3) To provide basic legal education to all
4) To conduct a street play on cyber crime.

Amol Shetty :- Sir, What Role Government has played in the legal aid and Awareness?
Mr. Visharad Shukla : Government provides proper training to PLVs and they also certify such person after successful completion of the government. The government also recognizes such legal aid centre and committees and supports the committee as and when needed.

Amol Shetty :- What advice you would like to give to the future Advocates with regards to socio-legal issues, legal aid and awareness initiatives?
Mr. Visharad Shukla:  The future lawyers should keep the point in mind that the basic objective of legal education is equality among all citizens of India irrespective of cast, religion and region. Apart from monetary aspects, they should also help to needy and poor person with their skill and knowledge without any expectations.

Amol Shetty : Sir, What is your message to Pro Bono India?
Mr. Visharad Shukla: I appreciate such organization that takes such initiatives and spread the knowledge among Indian citizens. I would like to be a part of this nobel cause and I wish them all the very best to continue this work on and on.