State of Kerala v/s. N M Thomas

  • Charita Singh, MNLU Nagpur
  • December 14, 2020

Content :

The case of State of Kerala vs. N.M. Thomas revolves around the reservation policy of state. The case proves to be a landmark judgement when discussing reservation for the backward classes in promotions in government jobs. This case challenged the relaxation of promotion policies and rules for the schedules castes and other backward classes. It questions the constitutionality of reservation policy in state employment as it alleges that these kinds of policies contradict Article 16, which is a part of the basic structure of the constitution and must not be violated by any piece of legislation. The author has aimed to discuss this case here as this issue has regained its importance in contemporary times. This note aims to elucidate upon the brief facts of the case along with the issues, arguments and the court’s views. A further written conclusion hopes to summarise and conclude the judgement keeping in mind the recent developments in this field.