White Collar Crime v/s. Violent Crime (Paper)

  • Aditya Prakash Verma, University of Allahabad
  • February 15, 2021

Content :

Crime is any act that is prohibited by any enactment of the law and an instrument for ratification of social disorder through punishment. The important elements of the crime include the presence of a human being, mensrea, actusreus, and an injury. It has often been termed that where there is money, there is deceit, and where there is lots of money, there is lots of deceit. The number of crimes committee has increased significantly with the technological avalanche in the modern period bringing up newer modes of committing crimes either through the use of force or without the use of force. The most common mode of committing a crime is the use of force on the victim to cause injury or harm to their body, property, reputation or mind, such a crime is known as a violent crime. Nowadays the mode of commission of crime has become smarter for all intents and purposes as there is minimal use of force causing financial loss to the victim through debit-credit card frauds, accounting transaction frauds, money laundering etc.
The innovating world has led the development of technology, which in turn has brought the concept of white-collar crime and it is no more an unpopular phenomenon now. Further, the growth of industrial and economical background has constructed various new methods through which the white-collar crimes can be committed easily. Also in various professions and companies to gain more and more, they rapidly indulge in unethical practices, which keep them going unnoticed.