Alteration in Indian Education System : Boon or Bane (Paper)

  • Chandni K, Christ University, Bangalore
  • March 2, 2021

Content :

The education system in India is quite old and complex. Undoubtedly, India has produced many brilliant minds that are making us all proud. However, the Indian education system is not that developed as compared to other countries. So it’s really important to grow and evolve with time or else India will soon be left behind in the race of development. We are still stuck with the same theory and exam pattern which is making the students less knowledgeable and latent. The Indian education system is facing many issues lately which are obstructing the growth and development of students. Especially the grading system, it determines a student’s intelligence on the basis of their academic grades. Due to which students feel less confident even if they are good at other things. This system doesn’t focus on the fact that every individual has his own unique talents and judging them only on the basis of marks card makes zero sense. Hence, the children try their level best to get good marks in the exam even if they don’t exactly know what they are writing. This makes them book worms who have zero practical knowledge. They don’t get to learn things because they are part of a race where they have to get good marks or else they stand nowhere. Due to lack of practical knowledge many students have become jobless and worthless in the society. They are unable to get jobs based on their education and qualification. Such things point towards meaningful change in the education system. Around the world change is driven by new exciting research on how the brain works and how people learn. It is believed that learners should not only develop what they know but also their skills, attitudes, and values that will help them be proficient people. If this has to happen, they need to actively participate in their learning and be motivated by it. As technology is advancing so rapidly, even learning is acting as a driving change. The students have access to new tools to connect with people all over the world. Unlimited information is easily accessible with just click of a button. The teacher no longer has to hold all knowledge. They are now referred to as ‘critical coach’ who shows students how to select, work with, add to and use information in meaningful ways. Many education systems around the world are feeling challenged because they have to prepare students for today\'s fast-changing world. People everywhere are struggling with how to interest students in their learning. The knowledge and skills of a student must be developed for today and tomorrow\'s workplace, which is education or training. This paper targets about the need for alteration in the Indian education system and how this change is a boon. This research paper consists of – introduction, history of Indian education system, reasons for change in the Indian education system and the effect of covid-19 on the Indian education system.