Male Rapes: An Unacknowledged Crime (Paper)

  • Andukuri Anoop, Gitam School of Law, Vishakhapatnam
  • August 29, 2021

Content :

This article focuses upon the new trending concept named Male Rapes, an unacknowledged crime. It then covers various aspects of male rape, starting with its jurisprudence, throws light upon rape laws in multiple countries such as the United Kingdom, Scotland, and Canada, and finally focuses upon Indian Law. In UK law, it focused on Sexual Offences Act, 2003 & Criminal Justice & Public Order Act, 1994. In Canadian Law, it discusses the Canadian Law 1983 and ends up giving the significance of the C52 bill. Further, the article highlights the actions taken by Scotland to tackle the problem of rape. Lastly, it covers Indian Law and gender- neutrality of rape laws.