Relationship of Interdependence of Human Rights and the Protection of Environment

  • Kashish Khurana, Jagran Lake City University, Bhopal
  • January 7, 2022

Content :

The survival of a human being depends upon numerous factors. The primary factors are food, water and shelter, which are a part and parcel of the environment. This implies that the existence and survival of a human being depends upon the survival of environment. The author has primarily through this paper aimed to lay out what are human rights and how can they aid in the protection of environment. Secondly, the author has made an attempt to shed the light on the interdependence of both the subject matters. Through this, it has been attempted to establish that human being and environment are dependent in such a manner that one cannot exists without the other. Human rights and rights of an environment are interlinked with each other. 

Further, the author has also highlighted the instruments that have acted as an evidence for the interdependence of human rights and the protection of environment. Various nations have laid down a founding cornerstone to establish a linkage between the human rights and the protection of environment through conventions, declarations and treaties. The judiciary has also played a vital role in application of the human right principles in the environmental protection issues to strengthen the principles that have been laid down by various countries in different forms. 

The paper is concluded by the author by analyzing the current scenario of the human rights and the environment protection with some of the suggestions to enhance the application of such interdependence to make it more explicit.