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  • October 11, 2020

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About This Course

In the commercial world today, majority of the legal issues or disputes are solved by way of different modes of ‘Alternate Dispute Mechanisms’. And out of the mechanisms, the most prominent one is ‘Arbitration’. Every commercial or corporate deal these days involves an aspect of Arbitration as a reliable and effective means of alternative dispute mechanism.

For a law student, or a lawyer, knowing the law on arbitration is of utmost importance. Different law firms have specialized teams and departments only for arbitration. Arbitration in law has become a field in itself, a specialized practice much like the Income Tax Laws.

This particular course gives you a practical as well as theoretical insight into law relating to Arbitration in India. The course structure includes imparting basic knowledge relating to the entire Arbitral proceedings in India to the students and to give them a practical insight of the same, which would include drafting of the Arbitration Agreement up to Appeals under the Act.  

Objective Of The Course

The main objective of the course is to prepare a student for actual work involved in the field of Arbitration. So, that even in a job interview, a student would be able to tell the relevant provisions relating to Arbitration and procedures involved in the same including the basic formats of drafting. 

Resource Person

Mr. Vipul D. Sundriyal is a graduate from the Gujarat National Law University. He has been designated as an Advocate-on-Record in the Supreme Court in the year 2017. He has been a counsel for the Central Government before the Supreme Court and has been nominated as an Additional Standing Counsel for the South Delhi Municipal Corporation.

Duration Of The Course

6 days with 2 hours each day, wherein at the end of the session, a practical problem will be given to students to draft a Statement of Claim or Counter Claim and to draft an Interim Application along with it. The students would be required to draft the same and submit it within a week.

Special Features Of The Course

Participants will be provided with various formats of legal drafting including Statement of Claim, Counter Claim and Interim Application in Arbitral Proceedings.

Timeline of the Course

11.10.2020 – Orientation Session and Introduction with respect to Arbitration.

12.10. 2020 – Law concerning Arbitration Agreement – Definition of Arbitration and how to draft an Arbitration Agreement.

13.10.2020 – Interim Measures under Arbitral proceedings – Drafting and Procedure- including Applications under Section 9 and 17 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.

14.10.2020 – Appointment of Arbitrator – Drafting and Procedure.

15.10.2020 – Statement of Claim and Counter Claim – Drafting and Procedure – including drafting of Statement of Claims and Counter Claim.

16.10.2020 – Execution and Appeal – Drafting and Procedure.

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You are required to pay the registration fees i.e. INR 500/- at 9138145591 via Google Pay or Paytm. Take the screenshot and share the same at 9138145591 via whats app.

**Last date of registration: October 9, 2020

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