Domestic Violence- The Abuse Virus in Pandemic

  • Kinjal Shrivastava, Advocate
  • June 3, 2020

Content :

The COVID-19 lockdown has resulted in the surge of domestic violence cases all across the globe, according to NCW data 315 complaints of domestic violence were received online and on WhatsApp and were highest since August last year. One of the most crucial underlying factors for this rapid rise in the number of DV cases is isolation, stressed household, loss of jobs and deduction in salaries. 
In the broadest sense, Domestic violence is aggressive behavior against kids, guardians, or the old. This kind of abuse can be in in various forms like verbal, physical emotional economic, religious reproductive and sexual maltreatment. This can be more elaborated as violent physical abuse like beating, female circumcision, acid attack, burning the bride, honor killing, dowry death and other heinous crimes which leads to disfigurement or death of the victim. Domestic Violence (DV) has a critical effect on relatives, companions, and the individuals inside the interpersonal organizations of both the abuser and Victim. It has significant effect not just for women and youngsters, but also for the broader family in terms of economic, social and health consequences. It is an acute problem in India. The National Family Health Survey (NFHS) data has indicated that in India over 30% of are physically, sexually or emotionally abused by their husbands at some point in their lives.