Racial Discrimination Against North Eastern People

  • Amisha Gupta
  • June 28, 2020

Content :

Northeast groups — the population/s at the coronary heart of race debates are introduced and discussed in historical and present-day contexts. Three initial claims approximately race debates are made. First, debating race has ended up extra common at the national stage. Second, the response of politicians has shifted from denial to acknowledgment of the desire to do something about it. Third, racism skilled through Northeast groups is framed as a problem of metropolitan India now not of everyday life inside the borderland occupied with the aid of the Indian militia and below a chain of terrific legal guidelines and first-rate governance provisions. Debates are grounded in social, political, and economic changes delivered about by way of migration from the Northeast borderland to metropolitan India, deeper problem approximately the photo of Indian towns, and the renewed emphasis on countrywide integration as an answer for separatist dispositions in the Northeast.