Study of Legal Rights of Animal in India

  • Anisha C L
  • June 28, 2020

Content :

In India, the rights of animals and human beings are protected under various laws. As time evolves, the laws are becoming more stringent with penal provisions, though animals are unaware of their rights. That makes human beings to be more vigilant about animal rights along with human rights.
In earlier days animals were slaughtered widely and many of them became extinct due to selfishness of men. Every animal is a necessary part of our ecosystem to maintain equilibrium. Still, animals are facing so many threats to their natural habitat. The main enemy of animals is their law donors themselves, human beings. Both wild animals and domestic animals face threats due to modernization and commercialization. So many animal lovers and activists joined together for the protection of animals. Thus in every country including India, so many laws were originated as the rights of animals. In different times legal luminaries and legislature have amended and incorporated these rights via law-making and precedents.
Keywords: History and evolution of animal rights in India, Constitutional provisions, Different animal protection Acts by Central Governments and State Governments, India’s consonance with international covenants and current implementing status of animal rights protection in India.
In the conclusion of this research, the evolving status of legal rights and implementation can be analysed. The conclusion shall be an optimistic one that this country is capable to keep balance between human being and animals by keeping their rights, without intruding into the rights of one another.