Maharashtra Floor Testing : A Critical Analysis

  • Arpita Verma
  • June 28, 2020

Content :

Pursuit of power often involves amoral ingredients, but the surreal birthing of a new government in Maharashtra in 2019, even after a fallout of the pre-poll alliance was amusing to the core. The situation was so severe and vulnerable that the Supreme Court had to intervene and order a floor test with an intention of preventing political disintegration. 
A ‘Floor Test’ is a constitutionally valid motion that determines if the incumbent government enjoys the support of the legislature, this process is a quintessential example of invoking a state of transparency while validating constitutional legitimacy. Every country requires a stable and a transparent government that never betrays, and a floor test is that preventive measure adopted by the Central government to provide the candidates in power with an opportunity to prove his or her majority, and conducting evaluations through floor tests reduces the chances of political biasness or fabrication by checking the credibility of designated officials.