Consumer India (Case Study)

  • Prateek Arora (Intern)
  • April 17, 2017

Content :

They are a registered organization (NGO) with its registered office in several parts of India and are unique and different with its unselfish service. It is recognized locally, nationally and now internationally for its exceptional performance and social activities. 

Realizing the pivotal role that an NGO can play in eradicating social evils and injustice, a group of friends came together and formed an association named ‘Consumers Association’ on 25th May 1991, registered under Societies Registration Act of India.

As an NGO functioning in the consumers’ interest, they interact with statutory and recommendatory committees & forums constituted by the government and raise the problems of aggrieved consumers and uphold the rights of the civil society. They raise youth awareness and their active participation in issues of controlling corruption and improving transparency at the local government level through public awareness campaign and a series of meetings with youth in schools and Colleges. They also engage in promoting transparent, incorrupt and effective management of public finances by local governments in municipalities.