Wrongful Conviction - How Can the State Undo the Harm?

  • Rashmi Ranjan
  • July 14, 2020

Content :

This paper talks about the Wrongful Conviction and the extent of it. It especially talks about how the state can undo the harm of the wrongful conviction. It also talks about the frequency of it, causes of it, and criminal justice reforms to reduce or decrease the number of wrongful convictions. As we know that throughout the nation\'s history, our country India has experienced the problem of conviction. It the problem with our country India only, but this particular problem exists with the other countries as well. The resultant of wrongful conviction is unwarranted punishment and serious damage to the life of one who is wrongfully convicted. This paper will briefly speak about the extent to which these errors occur or may occur, what are the major factors which generally contribute to false convictions and the development in the legislation which pertains to the wrongful conviction in India. It will also examine the causes of wrongful convictions. It is imperative that the better understanding is developed of wrongful conviction, as well as to reduce or decrease its occurrence to protect the innocent and the society from continuous victimization by criminals who remains free while an innocent person go to the prisons or even into their deaths.