Inequality in Income and Wealth

  • Prithav Bang
  • July 26, 2020

Content :

This paper talks about the various causes, statistics, and solutions to inequality of Income and Wealth. This Paper starts with first, telling the status quo i.e. the present situation of income inequality in India. It tells us the various causes and stimulators of Income Inequality like Gender-Specific reasons, occupation-specific reasons, etc. It then tells us the statistics of the present situation to describe the magnitude in which this inequality stands. Then it talks about the consequences of this inequality which can be seen in the social, political, and economic sphere of our lives. It further gains a wider perspective of tracing income inequality in the developing world to find out the various causes and consequences of the same. Then this paper talks about the relation of this inequality to poverty and other social factors. In the next segment, this paper gives various policy suggestions like how to lead an employment-oriented growth to eradicate economic inequality. It also tells us about the technological innovations which can help in solving this problem. In conclusion, this paper gives a holistic view of the aforementioned topic thereby comparing it with other countries as well to give more tried and tested solutions.