The Overlooked Part of Crime: Domestic Violence (Paper)

  • Yashika Goplani, DNLU, Jabalpur
  • October 4, 2020

Content :

The crime rate against women is on a stake in India. Delhi is often called the rape capital which shows us the integrity of the heinous crimes and the need of urgent attention towards it. Indian Constitution provides for equality to all its citizens but often women are not considered to be on the equal pedestal to that of men. Domestic violence has attracted the attention of everyone in the current pandemic situation especially when the rate of this type of crime has increased on a rapid rate. There is often a debate as to whether domestic violence should be considered as a crime or not. It should not be neglected that the ambit of domestic violence is not limited to the physical injury and rather it includes many other things which has been discussed in the article. It is high time for us to realise the importance of rights of others and the need to empower women of the rural areas who are facing these crimes a lot.