Constitutionality of the Media Trials in India: A Critical Study

  • Yash Singh, University of Allahabad
  • October 7, 2020

Content :

Media plays an important role in molding the opinion of the society and it\'s capable of adjusting the entire viewpoint through which individuals perceive various events. Heinous crimes must be condemned and therefore the media would be justified in calling for the perpetrators to be punished in accordance with the law. However, the media cannot usurp the functions of the judiciary and deviate from objective and unbiased reporting. While a media shackled by government regulations is unhealthy for democracy, the implications of continued unaccountability are even more damaging. Steps got to be taken so as to stop media trials from eroding the civil rights of citizens, whereby the media have a clearer definition of their rights and duties, and therefore the courts are given the facility to punish those that flagrantly disregard them.