Punishment and Reformation: Analysing The Controversy Within The Criminal Justice System

  • Subhasree Neogy, Institute of Law, Nirma University
  • October 7, 2020

Content :

The controversy on the traditional punishment system being effective for criminal offenders or rehabilitation programs for the psychological betterment of such people has always been a much debated upon topic. Punishment has been preferred because of its ability to physically restrain criminals from committing more crimes against humanity in general whereas the modern prison reform theory discusses how to treat the problem of crime at its root, i.e., considering criminals to be mentally diseased so that they can be nursed to health through different forms of therapy while staying incarcerated . The reason why studying this issue is absolutely necessary is that safety from all kinds of crime is becoming increasingly difficult. The world is deemed to be more of a risky place and criminals simply being sentenced to long periods in prison is not creating the deterrence that it is technically expected to. The aim of this study is to reach a conclusion on what system should be incorporated by the government in the near future to contribute more to the society and take less through the usage of doctrinal and diagnostic methods.