Case Study on Pro Bono Legal Aid Programme of Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar (Case Study)

  • Dr. Kalpeshkumar L Gupta
  • August 2, 2017

Abstract :

Legal Aid & Awareness is crucial for a sound judicial system of any country. Article 39A of Constitution of India deals with equal justice and free legal aid. Free legal aid helps the underprivileged to seek justice in timely and efficient manner. Various institutions, organizations, people are involved in legal aid and awareness initiatives touching different legal issues. Law students play the crucial role in legal aid and awareness initiatives, being engaged with legal service committee/legal aid cell set up in law colleges/universities. Students volunteer for activities to be carried out by these committees/cells. There are handful colleges/universities in India which are having compulsory requirement of Pro Bono legal aid work as a part of academic curriculum. Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) situated at Gandhinagar, Gujarat is one of those institutions which requires 20 hours of Pro Bono legal aid work in an academic year which comes to a total of 100 hours in a five years course. GNLU through its Legal Services Committee (LSC) & Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) cell administer the Pro Bono Legal Aid Programme. GNLU initiated this policy in the year 2015 as an essential curricular requirement of the University. The major objective of introducing this programme is to encourage and motivate the students of the University to work for the society, offer their services under the legal provisions, which will help them bring closer to the society, besides helping them in their future career. The researcher will highlight the GNLU Pro Bono Legal Aid Programme as a part of case study supported by a small survey on compulsory Pro Bono legal aid activities in law colleges as a part of the academic requirement.

Key Words:-  Pro Bono, Law, India, Academic, Curriculum, Society