Human Rights violation of migrant workers during the pandemic Covoid-19 (Paper)

  • Raisha Bansal, Ajeenkya D Y Patil University, Pune
  • December 30, 2020

Content :

A popularity-based society is set apart by constitutionalism, common freedoms and social equity. One of the vital highlights of a majority rule network is that it should be liberated from imbalance, foul play and injustice in treatment. Be that as it may, a nation like India is yet battling to stay away from these unsatisfactory events. As of late, we saw an extraordinary human misfortune during the lockdown time frame when the Migrant labourers had to desert their work environments due to the deficiency of occupations and chose to leave foot under extreme conditions. Beforehand, the degraded neediness constrained them to relocate to urban areas in search of the green field yet tragically, and they could not discover it. Additionally, whatever small occupations they got, they lost that likewise during the period because of this progressing unfavourable condition. The agonising story that we got with the media, NGOs and different activists was miserable, and it moved all the reasonable people who have faith in the vote-based system and social equity to such an extent that they couldn\'t quit conveying laments for the society we live in.