Education System of India (Paper)

  • Archana Pandey, Banasthali Vidyapith
  • January 7, 2021

Content :

Children are the future of every country who bring a different change in the society with regards to the the particular views and thoughts which may have no means in new word. These are the ones who make the future of a country header grow it or vein it. The basic component which leads to any changes in the children of the nation is education. Education is that key source which allow a person or make him eligible to differentiate between good and bad not only for himself but also for the society. Education, by hearing this word everyone thinks about academic qualifications, level of intelligence money income good life and happiness. No one knows the actual meaning what education stands for. If it is saved in in the definition form then education can be defined as the training on teaching of a person. But in real life would the education is tense for is the person is able to write read and Express his or her thoughts. It is not coincided only with the academic qualifications but it also includes the teaching of moral values physical qualifications psychological knowledge which helps a person to do his all over development and not stick to a particular area of the education.