Incarceration and Human Rights Violation (Paper)

  • Dipali Singh, Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology, New Delhi
  • February 15, 2021

Content :

Human Rights are implicit rights to all human beings without discrimination extraneous to citizenship, place of residence, sex, religion, ethnic origin, language, or any other status. The term “prisoner” means an inmate deprived of his or her liberty, kept under confinement in prison for doing any act forbidden by the law of the land. They are still humans and are entitled to human rights, but the practice of torture in prison is predominant and is inflicted in an unrestricted manner. This write up analyses the violation of human rights of prisoners and various other problems associated with it in national as well as international perspective. The main rationale of this paper is to highlight the disturbing condition of the prisons and how the prisoners are exposed to humiliation, harsh conditions, and violence without any recognition of human dignity. It also examines the application of the principle of non-discrimination in the face of the realities of detention. Moreover, it will discuss the intervention and major steps taken by the judiciary in this regard.